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Double sided knot bag with cherry blossoms on one side, geometric blue on the other. Handmade in Tokyo with 100% Japanese cotton, this wrist bag is reversible so it can be used on both sides, insideout. Purchase it as an elegant and original present for dear ones or for yourself.

The bag is very lightweight and perfect for everyday use. It can carry your essentials like a smartphone, a small/medium wallet, keys. Just insert the long handle in the short one and you are ready to go.

Japanese knot bag - sakura | blue waves

  • Size

    20x33 cm ( 8x13 in) as closed bag, handle included



    • The colorful side has white and pinck SAKURA (cherry blossom) on a black backgroun.
    • The white and blue side has a geometrical pattern called SEIGAIHA  which represents the waves of the ocean.
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