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Zipped tote bag ideal for travel, school or work. Lightweight and versatile to use on any occasion. The special feature of the zipped closure allows you to carry your belongings without the fear of them falling down or they are visible to anybody if you have to leave it in some place.


Japanese patterns can be customized by sending me a message. This one in particular is double sided, with on one side a colorful blue and geometric design and on the other side a white and metallic gold seigaiha pattern (look below). It is lined internally in white cotton and an inside pocket can be closed by a velcro tape.


Handmade in Tokyo with 100% Japanese cotton.

Irene zipped tote bag - light blue and white

  • Size

    approx. 40x40cm ( 26x26 in) + 30cm handle (12in )



    -The light blue side has several traditional japanese patterns as Folding fan (Uchiwa), Paulownia flower (kiri), Pine tree (Matsu), Four diamonds (Yotsubishi), Diamond-shaped flower (Hanabishi).

    -The white side is decorated with metallic gold Seigaiha. It means blue waves of the ocean and it is a symbol of strength and resilience.



    Other side: traditional geometric waves (seigaiha) symbol of strength and resilience

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