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Double sided lightweight tote bag to use on any occasion. It can be turned inside out without visible seams. It can therefore be used with both the lively floral design and the more classic look of the geometric side.


The large rectangular base of 38x10cm allows the bag a large capacity.


Handmade in Tokyo with 100% Japanese cotton.

Anna tote bag - floral | geometric

  • Size

    base 38x10cm, height 36cm (base 15x4“, height 14”)



    On one side: Floral and natural representations like KIKU (chrysanthemum) symbol of nobility and longevity, colorful SAKURA (cherry blossom) symbol of beauty and ephemeral nature of life, TRURU (crane) symbol of longevity, Mt. Fuji, MATSU (pine), TEMARI ball (ancient game)


    Other side: traditional geometric waves (seigaiha) symbol of strength and resilience

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