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Usagi (Rabbit) - Japanese kimono symbology explained

2023 is the year of the rabbit according to the lunar calendar.

Lucky animals, they are symbol of cleverness and devotion. Rabbits are also associated with spring, birth, growth and renewal.

An old tale says that rabbits inhabit the moon and they prepare “mochi”, rice based confectionery, there.

Japanese people see the shape of a rabbit in the moon and during “Tsukimi”, the moon festival held in September, people watch the moon with their family while eating mochi.

The rabbit is present in many ancient fairytales and it is generally linked with advancement and the future as it only jumps forward.

Chōjū-giga, the oldest manga in the world, was drawn in the 12-13th centuries, it describes social conditions of those days and rabbits are among the main characters.

Rabbit Island, Okunoshima, is the home of over 1000 wild rabbits that roam the forests and fields. It is known as a place to seek good fortune.

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