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Nikko Italian Embassy

Nikko (日光) is a town in the Tochigi Prefecture, located north from Tokyo. It is mainly famous for a great natural environment and beautiful shrines.

Japanese bridge
The Shinkyo Bridge means "sacred bridge" and stands at the entrance of the Futarasan Shrine. It is one of Japan's three finest bridges

From the mid Meiji period (1868-1912)to the early Showa period (1926–1989), the nearby Chuzenji lakeside was developed as an international summer resort because the respective embassies and many foreigners built their villas in the area. One of the most beautiful is still the ex Italian Embassy, now transformed into museum and visitabile.

The building was built as villas for Italian Embassy in 1928 and used by the successive ambassadors until 1997.

Italian embassy in Nikko, japan
Living room

On the 1st floor there is the living room, the dining room and the study, and from all the room is possible to reach a spacious veranda.

Bedrooms on the 2nd floor are arranged to face the lake, which design makes the most of the lake view.

Its major characteristic includes the exterior/interior finished with the cedar-bark by changing its patterns.

It is the symbol of the international summer resort blending in the rich natural environment which reminds us of the summer resort life where the time went by slowly.

First floor balcony

After the visit you can enjoy a coffee admiring the lake at the Caffè Como.

Normal entrance fee to the museum is 200yen, with some discounts available.

More information on the official website:


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