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Japanese pattern - Matsu (pine tree)

The word for pine “matsu” is pronounced as the Japanese verb “to wait”, it’s linked to the Shinto religion and gains the meaning of “waiting for a god's soul to descend from heaven”.

Pine is used as traditional New Year decoration (Kadomatsu) placed in doorways to attract prosperity. It is said that gods resides within them.

It is used as background in Noh stages. A famous play, Takasago, is about two lovers who express their relationship through the legend of two pines that can never be parted.

Another reason why pines are associated with love and fidelity is that when needles fall down they always tend to keep paired together.

As this plant is an evergreen and resists under very hard natural conditions, it is symbol of courage, endurance and longevity.

Pines are often chosen for bonsai because of their aesthetic and their long life, in fact many lives hundred years.

The tsunami of 2011 eradicated 70,000 trees but one survived. The so called “Miracle Pine” became a symbol of resilience, hope and recovery.

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