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Ikigai - How to find your purpose in life

I am pretty sure you have already heard the term IKIGAI - It`s the Japanese concept referring to finding your purpose, your sense of living.

If not, let me first explain it to you:

In short finding you ikigai means finding the reason to get up in the morning, the guiding star of your decisions. And the process involve the self-examination of your own passions, abilities, values.

It` s definitely not easy understand what your ikigai is and even less easy to accomplish it. It's a process and you shouldn't get lost on it. Let me help you, in my small way.

The usual 4 broad questions that you have to ask yourself in order to understand your IKIGAI are:

  1. what do you love?

  2. what are you good at?

  3. what do the world need?

  4. what can you get paid for?

They can be very difficult question to answer and I will make a more practical guide inspired by the book "Ikigai. Il metodo giapponese. Trovare il senso della vita per essere felici" by Bettina Lemke (available in few languages but English yet unfortunately).

What I want to stress right now is that finding your IKIGAI can take a very long time of introspection and hard work, in order to train your skills and find the right job.

However I believe that if you keep your goal in mind it will be easier to reach your full potential. That`s why I made a printable wall art decor you can hang in your home, in the entrance, the living room, the bedroom or where you are sure you will see it often.

This un-expensive way to decorate your home will also remind you that you are in a process of discovery, self improvement and conscious self motivation.

You can buy and immediate download 4 different dimensions of this ikigai poster definition HERE.

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Just print it at home or in an online printing service website and frame it as you best like it.

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