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Ichou (Ginkgo biloba) - Japanese pattern and symbol meaning

Ginkgo originated in China but its name comes from the ancient Japanese pronunciation (ginkyo) of the Chinese word. However nowadays in Japan is called ichou.

Often referred to as a “living fossil”, its history reaches back over 200 million years. Even after the Hiroshima bombing some ginkgo were the only survived trees, six are alive still now.

Because of their strength and medical properties they became symbol of resilience, health and longevity.

Ginkgo seeds are also a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

From ancient times ginkgo appears in paintings, poetry and family crests. By the 17th century it was featured on swords, ceramics and later on jewelry and kimono.

The symbol of Tokyo is a stylized ginkgo leaf which represent the initial letter "T". It's in a vivid green color that symbolize Tokyo’s future growth, charm and tranquility.

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Top picture credit: IG @ddccad



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