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Christmas gifts - send them directly to your loved ones, wrapping and personalized message included

One of the drawbacks of buying online is that it takes time to actually get the products. Of course if you go to a shop, in the same moment you buy the present you also have it in your hands. While for e-commerce, you can see many items, check prices and styles comfortably from the sofa, but it takes some time before it reaches you.

As I experienced this myself, I decided to provide a gift option: Do you know your friend address? Save time and money sending the present directly to them.

I will take care of the wrapping and of a personalized Christmas message. In this way, when you make your purchase you can ship the gift directly to your loved one, without the ugly standard e-commerce packages, wrapped in plain plastic.

Especially if you want to connect to people living far away, you can add a warm touch and personalized wishes just for them.


1. When you check out select the option "Add a note"

2. Write the message you want me to send

3. When you need to insert the shipping address write your friend address.

If you find any difficulty don't hesitate to contact me at




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