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Chou (Butterfly) - Japanese pattern

The butterfly is a symbol of eternity and reincarnation due to the transformations it undergoes during its lifetime.This characteristic has attracted the imagination of people since the Nara Period (710 - 794) and the HeianPeriod (794 - 1185).

Butterfly pattern was introduced into the "yusoku monyo" (traditional design motifs of court nobles) and was also used as a samurai's emblem as a symbol of immortality.

Since in Chinese the pronunciation of butterfly (蝶 die) is the same as the word elder (耋 die) , therefore people around 70 to 80 years old, it is regarded as a symbol of longevity.

Other meanings associated with butterflies are the souls of departed people, but also happy marriages and the transformation of girls into beautiful women.

In Madama Butterfly, the famous opera by Giacomo Puccini, the main character that gives the name to the play is called exactly Cho-Cho san.

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