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Behind the brand

eleNAmi Tokyo - Handmade in Japan with an Italian touch

Hello, I am Elena and eleNAmi is the result of my love for Japan, where I live, and the passion of sewing transmitted by my Italian grandma. This project is the merge of my name, Elena, and the word “nami” (波) that in Japanese means “wave”. The logo recalls the traditional pattern named “Seigaiha” (青海波)which represents the waves of the ocean and symbolises resilience, tranquillity and good luck.

With this image in mind, my creations aim to transmit the elegant simplicity, the irony and the respect for nature that the fascinating Japanese culture carries with itself. Moreover, as my roots are very much Italians, I strive to blend my two worlds, Italy and Japan, which both share the love for quality, tradition and innovation.

I wish whoever wants can bring with him/herself a piece of Japan. I make sustainable crafts handmade in Tokyo using original Japanese fabrics. Everything is made with my personal Italian touch. Products can range from handbags to pillowcases, from aprons to hair ribbons... I am always in the quest for new original pieces. Some tailored products are possible as well.


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