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Are you lucky?

I like the idea of some external help that offers benevolent coincidences. I often think about how lucky I am!

But if I have to really think about it, I don’t really believe something like “luck” exists. Sometimes things just happen and it’s up to our mindset whether they will bring incredibly positive outcomes or not.

I know that what we get is not always our merit and we just find ourselves in favourable conditions. But I put my effort in what I do, I try to be kind, sincere and helpful. I search for the positive side of life, I feel grateful for what I have and good things eventually happen.

Few years ago I left my job (where I found my ikigai) and colleagues in Italy, my family in my hometown, and my great friends in Europe. I went back to school to learn the Japanese language without which it is hard to find a good job here and I failed the certification exam for 2 points. The next attemp was successful and I finally got my N2.

It wasn't easy but I never regretted my decision to come to Japan even once because my life in Tokyo is fulfilling and adventurous, my new part of the family is incredible and I am making many new friends.

I started sewing with my grandma when I was still a kid, fascinated by her ability to prepare clothes for clients and family members. But I sewed my own pieces only during the Covid pandemic because I couldn't just stay home studying all day long. Encouraged by family and friends I started selling first eleNAmi accessories with a discrete success that I didn't expect. And it is probably thanks to the failed exam that I decided to give more time and effort to this project and open my own website !

Here, in eleNAmi Toyo, I try to merge the Italian taste and spirit that I brought with myself with the Japanese aesthetic. I started studying Japanese patterns and their meaning, always more mesmerized by the unique culture and history of Japan.

Soon I will write about the meaning behind my logo and why resilience and strength are so crucial!



P.S. Fortunalty, both Japan and Italy have incredible noodles!


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