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Who we are

We are a Italo-Japanese couple enjoying Italian life in Japan and suggesting  places where to eat, shops where to buy and events to join to all those living in Japan and searching for all Italian things.

What we do and why we do it

We live and love Tokyo, but sometimes we feel the need to reconnect with Italian food, relaxed Italian lifestyle and European culture. We have decided to collect our experiences and points of view in these pages so that all those who love, miss or are curious about the Italian way of life can find reliable resources here.

Dolce Vita?

Our name and inspiration is La Dolce Vita which literally translates into "the sweet life" and refers to the concepts of light-heartedness but also to the search for beauty and quality in every aspect of life. Not superficiality but lightness, not lasciviousness but elegance. 

With that said we want to challenge stereotypes and reinforce the correct idea of Italy.

How to navigate the website

The resources are divided into 4 areas: food, culture, fashion, lifestyle. Feel free to contact us or suggest us new interesting places to visit, people to interview, bars to try.

IMPORTANT: What we write here is only our point of view, it's a blog, not an official guide. We are open and happy to hear other opinions, we envision a space where everyone is respectful and kind. Thank you.

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