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Adjusting Kimono

Handmade in Japan with an Italian touch

Bring with you a piece of Japan. eleNAmi Tokyo products are conscious crafts handmade in Tokyo with Japanese fabric and with my personal Italian touch.
Items can range from handbags to pillowcases, from aprons to hair ribbons... I am always in the quest for new original pieces. Some tailored products are possible as well, contact me and let's discuss about it.

Behind the brand

Hi I am Elena and eleNAmi is the result of my love for Japan, where I live, and the passion for sewing transmitted by my Italian grandma. This project is the merge of my name, Elena, and the word “Nami” (波) that in Japanese means “waves”. The logo recalls the traditional pattern named “Seigaiha” (青海波)which represents the waves of the ocean and symbolises resilience, tranquillity and good luck.



Before moving to Japan my studies and profession were connected with sustainability and circular economy principles so I integrate them as much as possible in my life and in my products. 
I still have many ideas I want to implement and when you buy eleNAmi you can already expect that:

  • fabric is sourced locally in Japan

  • 100% cotton is used: probably not the best solution ever but it is a natural and non-synthetic fiber 

  • when possible I use upcycled fabrics (like scraps from bigger textile stores, preloved kimono...) and organic cotton

  • I don't mix fabrics in order to ease recycling

  • everything is handmade so minimal amount of energy and waste is implied

  • labels are handmade by me

  • production waste is near to zero thanks to material efficiency and the reuse of most of the smaller pieces

  • packaging is plastic free

  • shipping footprint will be offset

  • always looking for improvement

Questions? Write me

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